More Complaints And Issues About Dual Bladder Waterbed Mattresses

Considering dual bladder mattresses in a softside or hardside waterbed? Here is part #2 of our mini blog Top 10 Problems with Dual Waterbed Mattresses and the common complaints and issues sometimes associated with dual bladder water mattresses.


More Complaints And Issues About Dual Bladder Waterbed Mattresses

7) More prone to leakage: Twice the corners and seams one it’s pretty much a no brainer that something could fail. My suggestion, reap the unique benefits of a dual bladder system has to offer they are worth it. When and if the mattresses reach 10-12 years old replace them like recommended, don’t ask those seams to give you another few years. It’s not worth the risk.
8 ) More expensive to purchase:Not all of the time is that the case. Baffled or waveless mattresses come in varying degrees of wavelessness. The more wave control the mattress has the more support and less disturbance for the sleeping partner and the greater the cost. Less wave control and less support usually translates to less cost for the consumer. Comparable waveless mattresses that both stop moving in let’s say 4 seconds the dual version will normally always cost more.

More Complaints And Issues About Dual Bladder Waterbed Mattresses
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9) Dual waterbed mattresses are harder to make: Not true, dual bladders can come in the form of a softside waterbed. The Dual Bladders are actually inside the shell of the conventional looking mattress that unzips and has nothing to do with making of the bed. Hardside waterbeds however are quite difficult to make especially for those who are not strong enough to pull the corners back and let the watermattress fall back into the pocket of the fitted sheet or onto the stay tuck poles. There are no advantages to have a single or dual mattress when it comes to dressing the waterbed mattress.
10) Draining and Filling: Without a splitter hose or Y type connector filling and draining are more of a challenge. You must do one mattress at a time and filling one, then disconnecting and filling the other back and forth otherwise the mattress with more water will roll out of place on to the other. Y connectors allow you to regulate fill level evenly and drain at the same time.
11)Twice as many seams: Twice the seams are a pretty close to an accurate claim. Seams are covered under the builders’ warranty the down fall is that there is obviously a greater chance for seam failure an issue we covered in #7.
12) They Cost Too Much: The initial cost is more for dual waterbed mattresses which makes them most costly of all waterbed bladders. The additional cost is about $100.00 higher than their single bladder equivalents and can be purchased in everything from a free flowing version ranging all the way to the ultra waveless models that have no wave motion at all. The thing to remember is that these bladders are considered top of the line and offer the most benefits water has to offer. Support, dual temperature control, and less ballooning under the lighter person making their cost but a small fraction of what any other top of the line mattress currently sells for.
13)Cannot have two different firmness’s with dual bladder waterbed mattresses: While most companies pack identical mattresses inside a dual box some retailers will mix and match firmness’s out of theirs stock. Other waterbed companies can and will order dual water systems with wavy on one side and ultra waveless on the other.

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