How Many Hours Of Sleep You Need Based On Age

It’s approaching 9:00 at night. The knot in your stomach lets you know that the ritual is about to begin. All parents understand the dread that accompanies the nightly bedtime routine. It seems as if even the most well-behaved children act out when it’s time for light’s out.

Whether you are forty, fourteen, or four, your body requires a specific amount of sleep in order to fully energize and function the following day. These standards, which are determined by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), help individuals determine the appropriate duration of sleep for their age.

The Mattress You’re Sleeping on May Be Trying to “Kill” You

If you have older furniture in your home, including mattress toppers, mattresses and couches, you could be poisoning your home with toxic chemicals. Older and newer types of furniture that are not certified organic contain many harmful contaminants that can make you and your family members very ill.

What These Toxic Chemicals Are Linked To

There is a large array of medical research that has proven that flame retardants, most commonly found on couches and bedroom furniture are linked to many forms of caner, infertility, obesity and even serious brain disorders such as autism and ADHD. When the old furniture is disposed of, it releases these harmful toxic and poisonous chemicals into the environment to affect outdoor air quality and wildlife.

What Does Your Sleep Position Reveal About Your Personality?

Have you even wondered why people find it more comfortable to sleep in a certain position for the best rest and revitalization overnight? Sleep experts at The Sleep Better Council have determined that your sleeping position is directly linked to your personality.

The three main sleep positions are a back sleeper, a side sleeper and a stomach sleeper. However, each of these three has many variations available and is specific to each individual.

Sleeping Tips For People Who Move A Lot

Many people don’t get enough sleep at night due to tossing and turning all night and not falling into a deep slumber. Poor sleeping habits are like a boomerang, they leave your tired throughout the day, then you don’t sleep well again at night and the scenario just keeps repeating itself. When you sleep well, you need fewer hours in the bed at night to wake up revitalized, refreshed and ready to start a new day. Some sleeping tips can help you to move less and rest more peacefully.

Why Eating In Bed Is Bad For You

It is very common for you to have a television in your bedroom these days. It is also quite common to put on a Netflix show at night before bed and binge watch while eating snacks in bed before you go to sleep. Eating a snack in bed at night can interfere with your chances of getting a good night’s rest, add to you packing on pounds and can be detrimental to your overall health.

Tips for Pregnant Women to get a Good Night’s Sleep

Each trimester of pregnancy brings to the table different issues that may not allow you to get the restfulness you need for the upcoming event of birth.  In the first and second trimester, you may experience increased needs at night to make bathroom trips as well as sleep disruptions due to the stress associated with pregnancy, especially if it is your first child. The third trimester is generally the hardest to get good sleep at night with a growing tummy, leg cramps, sinus congestion and heartburn along with a babysitting on your bladder. Luckily, there are some tips to help you sleep better before the big event occurs.

Instantly Customize Your Mattress — The Benefits of Sleeping on Air

For many, the term air mattress conjures up images of college students, overcrowded family gatherings, and neck/back pain. If these are the first things you think of when you imagine sleeping on air, your mind is about to be blown. Would you believe me if I told you that you could instantly adjust the firmness, angle, and other aspects of your mattress at the push of a button? Well, with mattresses specifically designed with air chambers rather than traditional springs or foam you can do all those things and more.

The basic idea of a customizable air mattress is this: where traditional mattresses use springs to provide support, these instead use air chambers that can add or release pressure to fine-tune the firmness of the entire mattress or specific areas of the mattress. This means that if you sleep with a partner, many air-chamber mattresses will allow you to adjust comfort settings for each person!

5 Types of Pillows Made With Your Specific Needs in Mind

When it comes to bedding, mattresses and sheets often get all of the attention while pillows are left as an afterthought. We’ve discussed the importance of choosing a mattress that supports the specific needs of your body before, and choosing the proper pillow is just as important a factor in your overall sleep health.

You can have the most expensive, custom-tailored, perfectly crafted mattress in the world, but if you are using a pillow that doesn’t support your neck and spine in the right ways you could still wake up feeling stiff and sore. Everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to pillows, which is why it’s important to look into pillows that are created with your specific needs in mind. There a lot of options in today’s market, and there are a wide range of materials and firmness levels to suit every person’s desires.

3 Sleep Tracking Apps & How They Could Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

The idea of tracking our sleeping habits in order to pinpoint potential problems is not new, however, until recently, these types of studies were confined to controlled test environments where patients are monitored by doctors overnight. Advances in smartphone technology mean that anyone with a modern phone has access to a range of sleep tracking apps for mere dollars, or in some cases for free.

Why, When, and How to Clean Your Mattress

It’s not uncommon for people to go years, if not decades, without ever even considering cleaning their mattress. We regularly wash the sheets on our bed, change the pillowcases, and swap out blankets, so why do we not think about mattress cleaning? The reality is that most people don’t know why it’s important to clean your mattress at regular intervals, let alone how to go about doing it.