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Luxury Support Foundation – Twin


Waterbed Pump & Maintenance Kit


If you build houses or work on cars for a living, you need the proper tools to get the job done right and to do it fast. It’s not different with your flotation waterbed. Perhaps the most under rated part of owning a softside or hardside waterbed is the care and draining of the bed. The Drain Hero comes to the rescue with all the parts needed to fill up, drain down, and properly care and maintain for your waterbed.


Luxury Support Foundation – Full


Water Bed Box Pedestal

12” 6 Drawer Pedestal


This unique 12 inch tall Six Drawer Under Bed Pedestal Cabinet is most often used under hardside waterbeds. It fits any size waterbed and can also be used under regular mattresses and boxsprings, memory foam, and latex beds. In these applications however the drawers will require an optional platform deck or plywood to be added for flat surface for proper mattress support. Learn about specifics of this system below.

Oak 5 Board Frame Waterbed


This simple waterbeds with clean lines and flat headboard includes not partical board and is the perfect Oak panel headboard at the very best price. It is thin not thick and specially designed to not only save you money but save you gobs of space ordinarily taken up by tradional 7to10 deep expensive bookcase headboards. Additionally, it keeps your pillows in place and from falling off the back of the bed. Learn about all the great standard features, optional accessories, and specific details below.


Perfection Custom Comfort Foundation – Queen


14 Inch Oak 6 Drawer Pedestal

14 inch Oak 6 Drawer Pedestal


If you have been considering ways to add more function to your bedroom, we know you are going to be impressed with this very unique under dresser. Your new 14 inch tall pedestal design is admired both for its beauty and for not being as intrusive as bulky dressers, chests, and nightstands. The neat thing is that it has the storage capacity of a dresser and nightstand while being tucked away taking up space otherwise wasted on closed in bed box pedestals and bed frames. Works under both waterbeds and traditional mattresses. Learn more details and specifications below.

Quilted Comfort Waterbed Anchor Band Mattress Pad

Quilted Comfort Waterbed Anchor Band Custom Fit Mattress Pad


It Fits On Your Old Time Waterbed!fs_prod1 (1)

If you have a wooden framed hard sided waterbed and need some traditional protection along with added comfort for your bed, look no further than the Quilted Comfort Waterbed Anchor Band Custom Fit Mattress Pad from Innomax. It is not overly thick, so it won’t interfere with comfort. It is is still thick enough to increase and promote better air flow between the body and the vinyl water mattress while offering important mattress protection. The 50 percent polyester and 50 percent cotton quilted surface adds a wonderful breathable feel to your wood sided waterbed surface. The best part is that it fits properly and correctly using anchor bands to help it stay in place all three waterbed sizes: Super Single, Queen, or California King

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The Ultima™ Custom Fit Contouring Mattress Pad


Time to Top Off That Mattress!fs_prod1 (1)

What you cover your mattress with can not only offer a layer of protection, but improve the feel. The Ultima™ Mattress Pad can do both. The fitted shower cap design stays in place better and fits today’s thicker high profile mattress styles no matter the size. Learn about all our features and benefits for this item below. What you cover your mattress with can not only offer a layer of protection, but improve the feel. The Ultima™ Mattress Pad can do both. Learn about all our features and benefits for this item below.

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Solid Flannel Sheets


Luxury Rest: Flannel Sheets in the most popular Solid Colors

If your searching flannel sheets you either owned them and loved them or you’ve heard how great they are and want to give them a try. We suggest you do the same, many of our users rave about them in the winter, but also find them to be quite comfy in some of the cooler times of the like spring and fall especially if you keep your house cool or AC on. While most swap out their flannel sheets in the summer there is a loyal group who love them year round opting for a luxuriously warm and breathable warm sheet set.
Set Includes:
Top & Bottom Sheets & 2 Eastern and California King, Queen and California Queen and 1 Pillowcase with Super Single.

Tulip Hardside Waterbed


Tulip Headboard By Oakland Furniture USA

Wood framed Hardside Waterbed

Let Us Deliver and Make Your Dream Bed A Reality!
Any Oak Land product can be modified to suit your needs! Need a certain width, height, drawer count, added hidden storage, finish… Any Oakland Waterbed can be built the way you envision it. Feel free to call, stop in or drop us an e-mail and let one of our friendly knowledgeable staff assist you with more information on these unique, customizable products. Learn what comes with this bed, measurements, and specifications below.

Versalegs Bed Frame Alternative

Versalegs Bed Frame Alternative


fs_prod1 (1)A Smart Solution To Your Current Bed Frame Problem

They are different. They are stylish.They strong.

Use them to replace your existing steel bed frame.

Sit them inside you current headboard and foot board with wood or metal side rails.

Free stand the mattress set with NO head or footboard

Use with a headboard only. NOTE: Headboard Mounting brackets required and are optional.

Bed stands come in 4 heights allowing you to have your bed sitting at the height you desire.


4 Drawer Oak Pedestal 9 Inches Tall


9 Inch 4 Drawer Pedestal Oak

Maximize space in your bedroom with Oakland Furniture USA’s 9 Inch tall Oak under bed Pedestal. It includes 4 nice size drawers. Each drawer is 24 inches wide, 14 inches from front to back and nearly 5 inches deep. Perfect for everyday use, winter or summer storage, or overflow storage. Whichever way you decide to utilize your new found space, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. It can be used under a wide variety of beds.This is our lowest support system available. Learn all about this unique storage system below. Sizing, construction, measurements, etc.


850 1 Second Single Bladder


Luxury Support Super Reduced Wave Control Waterbed Mattress


Whether you are looking to replace and existing mattress or upgrade your current bed the Luxury Support 7300 fluid support system is the perfect choice. It’s an alternative to expensive top of the line water mattresses because it still includes maximum support, nightlong comfort, and a cost. This Super Wave Reduced offering still feels like a waterbed without being hard as some comparable models and Ultra Waveless choices found in stores and on the Internet. The wave motion rating for this customer favorite is measured to be about 1 perhaps 2 seconds at the most of wave movement. This means is stops moving almost instantly after you or your partner reposition without that obnoxious ocean feeling. This is one step down from our top of the line and has all the same features without feeling too hard and too firm.

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