top Ten Benefits Of Two Sided Mattresses

Top Ten Benefits of Two Sided Mattresses

August 4, 2012
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Recently we shared the Top Ten Problems With Two Sided Mattresses , and in today’s article we cover the issue that tells the other side of the double sided mattress story.

Top Ten Benefits of Two Sided Mattresses

  1. Lasts Longer and extends life but needs to be maintained properly- You can still turn your mattress over, rotate it from one end to the other, and flip back over. Caring for your mattress on a regular basis is no different than moving your furniture in your house to change wear on your carpet in high traffic areas or rotating car tires to increase their life.
  2. More for your money– More bang for your buck. We see nothing wrong with that plus they will use most sheets, mattress pads and bed spreads.
  3. Same cost as equivalent as 1 sided mattressesis another benefit of a two sided mattresses-While this may not seem possible most two sided beds being made today cost the same as one sided versions or just a few dollars more. Either way this makes them a huge value that is rare and hard to find in today’s buying world.
  4. Manufacturers can’t make as much money on two sided mattresses a benefit for the consumer-For those of you that believe in the mattress conspiracy theory this one’s for you. While we don’t believe in the conspiracy theory we do believe that you get less for raw materials in a 1 sided bed. Weight is a typical sign of mattress quality it  is pretty much nonexistent in these beds and fewer raw materials means less cost to build and mattress prices have only gone up since 2007. This was the year nearly every company changed the way they built their bed.
  5. Comfort layers are not as thick and construction materials generally don’t break down and degrade as fast-Single sided beds put all of the upholstery on one side and customarily are built using less steel, the heart of a good quality innerspring mattress. Putting all the foam and padding on one side only speeds up the break down process of a mattress where as two sided utilize the strength of more overall steel in their design.
  6.  There are still manufacturers that build them– King Koil, Symbol, Campbell, Gold Bond, Englander just to name a few. Here is a link to others ()
  7. 2 sided bed fire laws– While all mattresses must comply with new federal fire laws, mattress builders realized they could save money and increase profits. Smart manufacturers realized that people would see through this money making business plan and continued to offer savvy shoppers more mattress value.
  8. They offer greater comfort– This is because in most cases a double sided mattress has more useable sleeping surface. Since we cannot sleep on all parts of the mattress at the same time it gives upholstery time to recover and rest if all else is equal.
  9. Light weight– It seems like everything is made lighter these days and mattress sets are no exception. While they may not weigh as much as old time beds there is a huge benefit to this lack of weight they are easier to move, turn, and flip over.
  10. Earth Friendly/Green-It is pretty much common knowledge that today’s one sided mattresses don’t last as long as their flippable counter parts. A longer lasting mattress means green because precious resources used to build a mattress are not needed as quickly due to extended life. Prolonged mattress life means valuable landfill space is taken up by mattresses that don’t last. Don’t be fooled though, double sided mattress will not last twice as long usually at best the consumer can expect an extra year or two of life since both beds generally use the same quality building materials.

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