Technology In The Bedroom: Keeps Getting Better

Technology in the Bedroom: Keeps Getting Better

March 2, 2015
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Sleep The Way You’re Comfortable

It is pretty amazing when we think about how long those mattresses have been around that let couples dial their own firmness. And then, there are the flexible mattresses that let each partner elevate a section separately. We have coil spring pillow-top mattresses; we have memory foam and latex mattresses. And now we have dual temperature-control as well. What an era we live in!

The Impact of Temperature on Sleep

About half of couples who share the same bedroom and bed do not agree on temperature, and when that temperature is too warm or too cold for one partner, sleep is definitely disrupted, and blanket “wars” may erupt during the night. Traditional attempts to correct this have included extra blankets for one partner, while the other one sleeps closer to a partially open window (in the winter) or sets the air conditioner temp much lower (in the summer). If temperature needs are really diverse, some couples choose to have separate bedrooms altogether. It was only logical that someone would come up with a means to control actual bed temperature so that everyone can sleep happily ever after. ChiliPad™ Cube from Chili Technology has come up with a unique way to independently control the temperature for Couples.

The Temperature-Control Unit

First, understand that it is not necessary to purchase a new mattress set, but if you are in the market for one anyway, the unique cooling and heating ChiliBed™ Cube is a mattress that one must consider. The ChiliPad™, on the other hand, is a dual temperature unit that is actually comfortable quilted pad the lies on top of the mattress but below your fitted sheet. There are two small motors called Cubes with fans that are placed on the floor.

The Cubes circulate water throughout soft medical grade silicone tubing that is encapsulated by a comfy quilted washable pad and feature two wireless remotes. The separate controls allow each partner to set his/her ideal sleeping temp ranging from a thermostatically controlled cool 55 F up to and even above a very warm 110 F. Whether a couple chooses ChiliBed™  or the ChiliPad™  the unique products allow separate elevations in temperature.

The simple instructions for use involve setting your ideal temperature about 20-30 minutes before you go to bed, in order for the pad layer to heat or cool before you climb in. And, of course, the temp can be adjusted at any time during use. Cost for the ChiliBed™ ranges from $2,199.00 – $3,499.00 while sleeper who choose to control their existing beds via the ChiliPad™ will find that it ranges from $449.00–$1,099.00 with select options.

User Feedback

Like any new product, there are always “tweaks” that will be coming. The concept is a good one, and people are happy about the device’s ability to control and maintain their ideal sleeping temperatures. There are a few issues, however, that will need to be addressed:

  1. Pads can and do wear out over time the good news is that replacement pads can be purchased if they become worn-out or as a secondary pad is needed for changing or vacation homes or dorms.
  2. While the units operate extremely quiet the fan can be an issue with some users. While some love the low level “white” noise effect of the fans, others state that the noise is bothersome.
  3. Some users would like the ability to remotely turn on their units with an app so that they do not have to physically go to their bedrooms and manually turn their units on in advance of their bedtimes.

With time, manufacturers will improve the dual-temp layers, and perhaps the price will come down as well. For the time being, however, if the temperature is disrupting sleep, this is a great option.