How To Stop Mattress Movement

How To Stop Mattress Movement

May 27, 2011
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Stopping Mattresses Movement

How To Stop Mattress Movement How To Stop Mattress Movement

Mattresses sliding off the box spring foundations may be one of the most annoying things to happen with the exception of your neighbor deciding to cut the grass at 7:00 am on the morning you get to sleep in late. While the dealing with the neighbor may be a potential Hatfield and McCoy situation, your mattress slipping of its foundation is an easy problem to resolve. So what causes a mattress to slide? While the problem is not a big one in the overall picture of mattress difficulties some models are more vulnerable than others as you will see.

One sided mattresses slip

Truthfully not so much, first of all most of today’s newer mattresses are one sided and have gripping non skid surfaces that are abrasive and rough surfaced just like the top of the boxspring foundation. When the bottom surface of the mattress comes into contact with the top half of the foundation everything generally stays in place and stops mattress movement.

Two Sided mattresses that move and slide out of place

Rare to find today the old flippable innerspring mattresses had two sides. While this seems like a good thing just remember  that silky smooth fabric that makes the mattress feel so good also sometimes allows the mattress to race out from underneath you. These old classics didn’t and don’t have that advantage of the one side being non skid. This sometimes causes the bed to slide out of it’s position.

How to stop the mattress from sliding and moving

There is a solution to the moving mattress situation and it’s no further than your local department store, big box hardware center or store that sells area rugs. The answer is a simple non skid rubber rug gripper pad. It is that simple. The key is size, so don’t buy a piece that is too small. Be sure to measure the width and length of your mattress set. Find the closest correlating size and if need be cut the rubber non skid safety material down to size with a pair of scissors. While this may seem overly simple and somewhat silly it gets the job done on the cheap. The same solution used to keep tools from sliding around in a fancy tool box drawer or to line the cabinets that keep your dishes and glasses from easily moving around can be the solid stable solution to keep a mattress from sliding around.