STL Beds Mothers Day Wishes

May 7, 2010
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In trying to put pen to paper and figure out what I could write for Mothers day, I discovered something someone wrote that went something like this

Oh, brother, I forgot about Mothers Day.

I guess I’ll just have to deal with the guilt and all of her bit#%ing at me for not being there. I know it’s not right but I even offered to work just to steer clear of the whole family get together thing. They don’t need me at work, so now what should I do?

So then I started looking into other reasons people won’t see their mother for mothers day and here were just a few I came across:

• My mother hasn’t talked to me since ….
• I lost my mother in law last June to cancer she is the only person that treated me like their kid.
• My grandmother raised me; she is the definition of a mom.
• Dad says mom was the best person in the world and was a great mother, I never knew her and wished I could have had the chance to. I was too young to remember.
• My mom doesn’t live in the same city as me I miss her terribly.
• My mother annoys me all we do is a fight when we get together.
• Mom has to work for Mothers Day I wish she didn’t have too.
• This will be the first Mothers Day without mom

These were just a few of the stories I read. All of them made me sad while making me think about my own relationship with my mom. I am now married and have my own family. I work with my father in our family furniture store and live fairly close to her.

Now the great thing about working for family is that I see my dad nearly every day. The problem is that it seems I stay pretty on top of the day-to-day family happenings including those of my mom.

I love her dearly but don’t talk or visit as often as I should. I have often said the reason is that I don’t feel the need to find out what she is up to every day since I’m usually brought up to speed through dad. Other times I guess for whatever reason I just don’t make the time. The stories I shared above were not stories I could relate too but to me were all very sad and are full of regret and sadness. I have no reason other than my own failure to pick up the phone or go visit my mom who is only a mere 20 minutes away. Maybe that is what Mothers Day might be all about to get kids like me off our butts.

Mothers Day is here so that I am reminded to remember and show appreciation for my mom Pam Belleville. So mom, even though I often fall short, way short of being the perfect son you always exceed being the perfect mom. Please take a moment to remember all of those kinds of silly things that I did like come home with school drawings or make you breakfast on Mothers Day and while you reflect have a smile on me. Can’t wait to spend Mothers Day with you and the rest of the family down at the farm on Sunday.

I love you and Happy Mothers Day!