St. Louis Mattress Store Wishes All A Silent Night

December 24, 2008
About Us

This last year STLBeds sold many mattress and boxspring, organic and all natural mattresses, memory foam beds, and countless pieces of bedroom furniture. Hopefully you were fortunate enough to get a new one from Santa this year for yourself. Our wish and goal for each and everyone of you this coming year, is that you get what every bedroom store wants to their customers to have, a truly undisturbed and restful Silent Night.

A Silent Night filled with long relaxing deep sleep.

A Silent Night complete with total body support.

A Silent Night that includes cradling comfort from head to toe on the perfect mattress.

A Silent Night every night throughout the coming years.

So on this night Christmas Eve, STLBeds  wishes our valued customers, St. Louis, and the world a very Merry Christmas and a supportive, comfy, Silent Night.