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Recommendations For Sleeping Hot & A Mattress That Won’t Sink

September 13, 2018
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Hi, hoping you can give me a recommendation?

I’m looking at your two-sided innerspring mattress. I’ve been trying to find something with the least amount of foam… anything that I can sink into just becomes too hot through the night for me. I sleep very hot. Which mattress would you recommend from the two-sided selection? King size and firm is what I’m after.
Any Suggestions? Thanks.
Dino B.

“Can You Help Me Find A Firm Mattress”?

This is a question we hear a lot and unfortunately most mattresses are loaded with foam. One reason for using so much polyurethane foam (PU Foam) is because synthetic foam can be a cost efficient substitute for manufacturers who opt not to use pricier tempered steel coil springs. Look for beds with large amounts of steel (NOTE: High coil counts do NOT necessarily equate to more steel since most have very low wire gauges. Mattress weight does). I would add that innersprings are far stronger and can last for many many years giving you more bang for your buck and promote better air flow keeping you cooler.

It is important to note that mattress suppliers are trying to keep costs down, which is the reasoning they do not invest like they did in years past into high quality steel springs. You will also notice that in recent years mattresses have become incredibly thick and in some cases, builders have replaced all of the steel with PU foam. They have done this is for a couple different reasons. One of the primary motives is increasing profits, another is to cut costs using foundations. Today’s mattress sets do not include energy absorbing box springs like the old beds from years ago. Instead mattress manufactures incorporate an extra layer or two of foam into the mattress. Next, they have you place the mattress on “their boxspring / foundation”. These new boxspring / foundations are often low cost, low quality, wood foundations, with little to no steel that’s built out of wood that is barely good enough to be called kindling. Add in that these non-flexible foundations don’t have the energy absorption capability to extend mattress life and you have just described most of abysmal mattress sets being sold today. Manufacturers gamble that the extra foam will give the bed enough give, and it makes the mattress more substantial looking and helps to justify the higher costs.

Will a Foam Mattress Sleep Hot and What Is It?

Foam by itself is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, all our 2-sided mattresses contain it. Most people don’t realize it, but most mattresses have been built using foam since the 1980’s. As a matter of fact, if has really never been an issue up until recently. I will explain below.

So, What is Polyurethane Foam?

It’s a synthetic material with elastic flexible characteristics that is extremely versatile, lightweight, cost-efficient. It is used for a wide variety of applications like seats and other types of cushioning especially furniture and mattresses, packaging, etc. Nearly all mattress foams except for natural latex foams, are polyurethane-based. PU Foam as many calls it inside the industry features open cell structured design and is highly breathable and is highly flexible in order to support and contour. We can make the foam feel and react as desired by adjusting our mixes and production processes. The end result controls various characteristics of the foam thickness density, thickness, and softness, durability and quality.

The type of foam being used would be my bigger concern or if the mattress was made entirely of foam. Memory foam which is PU Foam on steroids is the foam I would be most worried about. Most memory foams, gel foams, and visco foams are temperature reactive meaning that they rely of your body temperature. The result of the warmth softens the foam material allowing the sleeping to sink in. These foams are often open celled but extremely dense. As it softens you sink in and the dense foam traps the heat and the heat cannot escape.
What kind of mattress will I not sink into?

Those people that are especially sensitive to heat may want to avoid memory foam mattresses or other mattresses made entirely of foam. In particular they would want to avoid beds containing high amounts of the visco elastic material with low ILD numbers that feel smothering quicksand or thick mud that is extremely sinky and soft. It has been our experience that mattresses made with traditional PU Foam just haven’t seen these same types of heat issues. With that said many will avoid PU Foam unnecessarily because they do not want to risk potential heat problems. Our suggestion simply avoid softer more luxurious mattresses with extremely plush, pillow, fluffy and euro top designs. Instead consider firmer, tight top quilting that you will sleep on top of instead of down into that envelope you.

Our 2 sided recommendation of firm mattresses that do not sink in and envelop sleepers

  1. Monterrey Gently Firm (Our best seller for people of average size and weight)
  2. Heavy Duty Medicoil HD 1500 (Our #1 selling mattress for plus sized people or those interested in long term mattress durability)
  3. Prairie Dunes Firm #2 seller for people of average size and weight
  4. Shoreline #2 seller for people of average size and weight

Our entire line up of 2 sided mattresses can be found here

Customer Response:

Thank you very much for that response. Very informative. I’ve been researching on your site and am drawn towards the Medicoil HD line (I’m 6’3″ and 210 lbs). Maybe if I tell you my current mattress you can help me choose a little better between the 1500 and 3500. I think I want to stay away from the 2500 gel memory foam, but for the 3500 I don’t know much about latex and how that affects temperature?

I’ve been sleeping on a Beautyrest recharge Simmons plush pillowtop for the last 5 years. Looks like its a gel memory foam top. I wasn’t very well informed buying my first mattress. It’s started to sag in the middle making me even more hot, enveloping me.

I grew up sleeping on firm “old fashioned” spring mattresses and really liked them. I’m worried after the last 5 years on this soft mattress I won’t like a new firm mattress, even though I do think I need a firm one.

Between the Medicoil 1500 and 3500 is one firmer than the other?

Store Reply: These two mattresses use the exact same coil system however the 1500 is the firmer of these two mattresses. The 3500 offers more high quality foam in addition to latex rubber which is not found in the  HD1500.

Thank you

Doug Belleville