Savvy Rest Got Gots Certified!

Savvy Rest Got GOTS Certified!

June 16, 2011
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Savvy Rest is now Global Organic Textile Standard certified.

Savvy Rest Got GOTS! Organic bedding and organic mattress manufacturer Savvy Rest is excited to announce they are a GOTS-certified company.  This means that stringed manufacturing and production requirements have been met within their facility where they build the organic products we buy. The name Global Organic Textile Standard or GOTS assures that not only Savvy Rest’s manufacturing facility but others like them have passed the most demanding requirements for products or manufacturers to meet organic standards. The inclusion of a GOTS certification guarantees that organic textiles have been correctly labeled manufactured and harvested.

It is true that products can be bought that include a GOTS-certified textile and may even attach a GOTS logo in a proper manner, however only a small number have been manufacturing certified. The most respected and valued organization in organic certifying Oregon Tilth, has certified that the Savvy Rest facility where their manufacturing takes place meets the GOTS standard.

For years the food industry ran ramped with claims or organic that were often not backed up by any independent third party to guarantee the claims of safer grown foods for our families to consume and by 1990 (OFPA), the Organic Foods Production Act was approved to make sure that agricultural and food products for the USA were met. In the same way the food industry was revolutionized, people realized importance of no pesticides or harsh chemicals in the production processes in our fabrics and fibers. They wanted to make it a part of daily life and be assured of both a healthier earth and healthier family.

So what does it mean for a product to carry a GOTS certification?

Well according to the organization they wanted to instill consumer confidence and offer manufacturer credibility. They do this by putting forth a certification that sees to it that manufacturers and textile processors  are allowed to export their organic garments and fabrics with one universally accepted certification that would be accepted in all major world markets across the globe.

GOTS makes sure that natural material that Savvy Rest uses meets those worldwide accepted standards throughout the entire production process. This begins with the raw materials that are harvested up until the final packaging and labeling. STL Beds is very proud to be an authorized Savvy Rest dealer.