Recycle used mattresses In St. Louis.

Recycle Mattresses in St. Louis

February 28, 2011
Green Living

Is there a place in St Louis Mo that recycles mattresses?
Recycling Mattresses in St. Louis

Unfortunately, as of 2015, there is no one in St. Louis currently recycling mattresses that STL Beds is aware of. The recycling company we were working with is currently no longer in business. We recommend calling your local trash service to see if there is a large pickup option available for mattresses and box springs.

What happens to the old mattress and box spring in the recycling process?

The typical mattress and box spring is made up of steel, polyurethane (p.u.) foam, cotton, fabric, and of course wood in the base. Solid recycling programs exist for the steel, and a market for the p.u. foam exists as well. Last but not least the fabric and wood that comes out of old mattresses and box springs are also recyclable. Many waste disposal companies claim that the value of the recycled materials cannot be recovered from mattress recycling alone. We think the recyclable components of a bed make sense financially to be reclaimed as a responsible alternative to dumping them in our landfills which are running out of space. The fact is mattresses can take up to 25 cubic feet of space and can take hundreds of years to properly decompose.

As we have mentioned in previous articles there are a few operations that recycle mattress sets across the USA and even worse may not spread nation wide without appropriate funding.