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Is There Any St. Louis Mattress Competition?

November 24, 2008
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STLBeds is going to give their St. Louis mattress competitors some free publicity in today’s blog. So here you go St. Louis mattress competition, consider it an early Christmas Gift from STLBeds in these rough times, enjoy.

Recently I was challenged on the sales floor by a shopper who said that mattress prices were too high because stores have a lock on mattress pricing. His proof of this was that we were the only guys in town and that there wasn’t enough competition to force mattress prices down. Apparently he was unaware of our local mattress competition because he did not take the time to look for it. If he had really been paying attention he would have noticed that within the last two years, approximately 4 competitors went out of business in my area alone. My question is – If mattress stores were making so much money, why did 4 out of the 6 local mattress dealers go out of business?

I can only assume the man did not consider these St. Louis Mattress stores competition.

Anyone looking to buy a mattress could look under the heading “Mattresses” in the AT&T Yellow Pages Directory and find the following mattress store listings in the order I found them in the phonebook.

1. Ashley Furniture Homestore
2. The Bed Guy
3. The Bedroom Store
4. Campbell Mattress Factory Outlet Showroom
5. Carol House Furniture
6. Craftmatic Adjustable Beds
7. Custom Foam
8. Elite Mattress Manufacturing
9. Ferguson sofa & Sleep Center
10. Goedeker’s
11. Home Décor Liquidators
12. Intelli-Bed
13. The Mattress Firm
14. Mattress & Futon Outlet
15. Mattress Giant
16. Mattress Outlet
17. Mattresses & More
18. Mattresses Wholesale Inc.
19. Meyer Bedding
20. Relax The Back
21. Rothman Furniture Stores
22. Select Comfort
23. Shubert Design Furniture and Bedding
25. Tempur-Pedic
26. The Furniture Gallery
27. Value City Furniture
28. Verlo Mattress Factory Stores

Looking through the phone book I was shocked to find that the big 4 department stores
· Macy’s
· Dillard’s
· JC Penny’s
· Sears
the biggest players in the mattress game did not have a listing under the heading Mattresses in the St. Louis AT&T Phone Book. Also there were a number of smaller independent mattress stores that were not listed. I would assume because of the expense to advertise there.
Lastly a person really needs to take into consideration that many of the mattress stores listed above have multiple locations throughout the St. Louis Metro area.  If you were to add the 28 mattress stores listed above to the roughly 44 additional multiple store locations, the total number of mattress store locations in the St. Louis vicinity is in excess of 72 locations.


This quick compilation did not include the 4 big players I mentioned above, Costco, Sam’s Club, Yellow Book, Verizon Super Pages or any of the smaller rural phone books, only the AT&T Yellow pages.