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Five Huge Mistakes People Make While Buying a New Mattress

June 8, 2010
In the Bedroom

1. “ I am just looking for a cheap mattress”.

Not considering a mattress as an important purchase and budgeting very little can be a huge mistake. Little money means low grade foams and paddings which can break down very very quickly. Just as important is the small amount of steel that will be used to build an inexpensive mattress. Pick one of these low priced mattresses up and then pick up a recommended model. Good quality mattresses will nearly always weigh more and as industry insiders will tell you if you know nothing at all about mattresses then buy by weight.

Mattress in St Louis MO

2. “I don’t need to try it I can feel that this one would be fine”.

Not trying out a mattress before buying one is foolish considering the expense of mattress sets and the number of choices offered today. Stores carry as many as 20, 40, 60 different mattress sets to choose from because people have different comfort tastes and require various levels of support. The reason stores carry more than one mattress is because they know that a one size fits all approach is a huge mistake. Mattress consumers should make time to select the perfect mattress to fit their specific needs.

3. Mattress shoppers don’t spend enough time test resting mattresses

Some mattress shoppers think all mattresses are basically the same. Not only do companies offer different name brands like Sealy, Serta, and Simmons but they also have various types of mattresses like memory foam, all natural latex, softside waterbeds, airbeds, and even gel beds. Within each of these different types of beds there are many many different firmness’s and support levels available.

4. Interpreting a salesperson as pushy instead of informative.

What many people perceive as pushy is sometimes nothing more than a salesperson trying to explain complicated designs, supports systems, and construction differences so people can make an educated decision. Instead many people push the salesperson away sending away crucial information that they may need to keep them from making a bad decision. I was told as a child I would learn more if I just listen so I am encouraging you to do the same and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you feel the salesperson is pushy run them off or simply leave and go else where.

5. Educating themselves after they have bought.

Unfortunately this is a biggie and happens all to often. Small problems creep up and the consumer begins to question their buying decision after its too late. They get on line, go to other mattress stores only to find out they could have done better. Get on line, shop various retailers, compare apples to apples not just the cheapest price vs. the higher price. Mattress buyers who do their shopping after having bought one, nearly always and I mean always catch a very bad case of buyer’s remorse that just never goes away.