Environmentally Safe Mattress

Environmentally Safe Mattress

April 25, 2011
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Are you considering an Environmentally Safe Mattress? What does it really mean if we say environmentally friendly mattress?

These terms can mean many different things and quite frankly they all seem to get lumped together under one big umbrella term which is referred to as green mattresses.

Mattresses are but one part of the home furnishings industry and they have been making great strides to offer the consumer a product that is easier on the environment both outside and inside the home.

Define an Environmentally Safe Mattress?

The mattress market encompasses many different kinds of mattresses that range in selection that includes a coil spring mattress and box spring, memory foam, or natural latex mattress. It can be defined as a bed that requires less energy to build and is easy on the environment both inside and outside your home. Such mattresses may use all or some of the following:

  • Organic textiles: These are fabrics and goods that are made from organically grown plants such as cotton or organically raised sheep for their wool.
  • Bio-hybrid cushioning: Foams that are constructed with plant base substitutes. They make up a percentage of the oils that are obtained from the plant making at least of portion of the petroleum needed sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Made from rapid renewals: Plants or trees that can grow to maturity and can be harvested for their wood, sap, or anything else very quickly.
  • Certified wood: Wood that has been certified or independently verified by a third party as being responsibly harvested in order to maximize industry, wildlife, and nature in a sustainable manner.

  • Plantation grown: Artificially established forest, farm where various types of trees or crops are grown for sale. It is rare to see local on-site consumption most of the raw goods are sent to distant markets. Some plantations are certified as organic.
  • Contain recycled content: A product that contains materials that have been used before and now given new life within a new product. This often reduces energy cost and the need for more raw materials.
  • Consider the transportation and shipping: Look for companies that reduce waste of fuel by figuring out better more efficient shipping methods like sourcing from local suppliers instead of suppliers located thousands of miles away.
  • Reduced or Zero Off gassing from potentially toxic or harmful chemicals: Various chemicals that exist in the form of synthetic foams, flame retardants, and bleaches and dyes used in fabrics give off potentially harmful gasses called Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC’s. The list is numerous of harmful effects that VOC’s are attributed too.

One mattress company refers to their mattress selection in shades of green. Depending on your budget, your concern for the environment both inside and outside your home, the extreme you choose to go to is your own. Air quality, sustaining our precious natural resources like wood, and safe drinking water can be affected by the choices we make when we purchase a new bed. The shade of green you choose to buy is up to you. Environmentally Safe and Friendly Mattresses can be found to fit most any budget.

Will buying an Environmentally Safe Mattress Make me Healthier, Wealthier, and Wiser?

The answer is yes, of course! Here are three reasons why:

  1. Investing in naturally built mattresses is an investment in your health that could save you money in medical expenses including respiratory issues.
  2. You’ll be rich in spirit and mind knowing that your mattress has no toxic chemicals, and reduces the burden on the environment through sustainability.
  3. It’s smart to think about the future of friends, family, and the planet.