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Are You Sure That Is An All Natural Latex Mattress You’re Buying

March 25, 2010
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They Told Me I Was Buying a Latex Mattress!

It only makes since that when you go into a store and ask for an all natural latex mattress that’s what will be sold to you, but regrettably that’s not always the case. It seems not all retailers are up front about the products they sell. Recently advertised I saw a latex mattress that was 12 inches thick and was claimed to regularly sell for $1000.00 but it was on sale for a mere $399.00 interested in what I would get for such a measly investment. The salesman seemed to know nothing about the bed and after looking at the description attached to the  mattress I found it was built with only 1 inch of latex and 11 inches of additional cheap filler materials.

Good quality latex mattresses cost $1500.00 and up which some people might consider a bit pricey and at first glance that may seem like the case, however when you consider they are very eco friendly in make up, that they can potentially last up to 25 maybe even 30 years, its not hard to see why they are usually considered the best built mattresses in the industry today offering a true value and money well spent.

Stores Claim to be Selling Latex Mattresses “Cheap”

Claims of sustainable, durable, and organic are widely marketed and are impressive buzz worthy terms that can be misleading. Just because the bed has a layer of latex or two doesn’t make it stronger or even eco friendly for that matter. The fact is if it mostly contains low quality non replenishable petrol based polyurethane foams that develop body impressions, wear out quickly, and contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Advertising 12 inch thick latex mattresses that include a measly 1 to 2 inches are impressive to look at but are nothing more than marketing gimmicks.
We sacrifice durability by replacing what would normally be 6 or 7 inches high strength tempered steel coils with cheap low grade filler materials like polyurethane foam, fiber fill, and yes even a couple inches of latex. So much for the good deals we call these latex mattresses, latex hybrids because they are a mixture of cheaper material rather than durable latex rubber.

Shopping All Natural Latex: Know What You’re Buying

I wish I could say, “Case closed” and there is nothing else to this issue of latex mattress shopping but there is more. If a person is assuming that just because they are buying latex that it is all natural or even organic they best do a little more research when it comes to the purity of the latex. Whether you are purchasing one of 2 types of latex Dunlop or Talalay latex, make sure to get the best you can afford. Fillers and extenders are often used to reduce costs and as a result can compromise durability and life. There are also synthetic blends claimed to be as good but usually are not. Ask about the mixture which is commonly believed to significantly comprise the mattress’s life.

They can be 30% natural rubber and 70% synthetic rubber which have more chemicals and fillers that will not last as long. Our recommendation is layers of latex from top to bottom of the mattress, nothing else. Latex with no fillers, extenders. A latex mattress with no foam layers and fiber layers for cushioning, just a great combination of your favorite firm, medium, or soft latex foam rubber layers. This is what a real latex mattress is and it will give you the longest mattress life, most comfortable sleep, and earth friendly mattress you can buy.