100% All-Natural Latex Mattress. What is it?

Are Green Organic Latex Mattresses Any Good Or Just a Sham?

November 27, 2008
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Whether you’re a big time tree hugger, an SUV driving gas-guzzling Hummer driver, or someone in between, an organic mattress made from all natural rubber is a smart purchase and has something for all of us. Everyone wants a safe, durable, comfortable mattress and from our experience latex rubber meets and exceeds all traditional mattress criteria.

Built from Rubber vs. Polyurethane Foam:

Mattresses built from rubber are more durable than those built from polyurethane foam. Natural rubber mattresses do not take the set that traditional spring mattresses get. Almost immediately body impressions appear in regular mattresses, this is what we call a body impression. Over time like anything a mattress can loose its resiliency, but with all natural latex rubber its elasticity is its trademark. Similar to a rubber car tire latex rubber mattresses are not only flexible and durable but return to their original shape.

Latex Mattresses & the Environment:

Latex mattresses are good for the environment because they save much needed landfill space. This is because all natural latex rubber mattresses last between 15-25 and years resulting in fewer being thrown into landfills and dumps. There are only a handful of mattress recycling programs in the USA so most mattress and boxsprings end up in these landfills within 5-8 years. Even worse is that mattresses use up more landfill space than nearly any other household item combined.

Latex mattresses are environmentally friendly because they are naturally biodegradable. When a mattresses useful life has been exhausted and needs to be disposed all natural mattress materials decompose at a faster rate than regular mattresses and boxsprings. Their decomposition will not leach the poisonous toxins into the environment often found in common mattresses. Think of it like cheap particleboard furniture vs. hand crafted oak furniture. Which will end up in the dump first?

All natural latex mattress components are not derived from non-renewable oil. That’s right latex mattresses are built from sustainable and renewable resources. The rubber tree is the primary resource for this mattress type with a life cycle of about eighteen years. After the first three years the tree will grow to maturity and start to produce the rubber sap the mattresses are built from.

It does not require as much energy to produce an all-natural latex mattress. Lets not even get into the technical details. It would take at the very least twice the raw materials and resources to get a conventional spring mattress to last as long. So why don’t mattress companies build them to last. $$$ They don’t want them too.


Latex mattresses can be custom built to your desired firmness for the best feel and support. You can also swap out softer and firmer rubber layers to change and customize the feel, which can be very important as your body changes 5,10, or even 15 years down the road.

Organic latex mattresses can be individually customized for each sleeper. Dual firmnesses are available so one sleeper can have firm while the other snuggles up to soft.

How They’re Made:

Organic rubber mattresses are safer and healthier mattresses because of the extremely limited amount of chemicals used to make them. Dunlop latex is about 90 to 95 percent all natural rubber. The vulcanization process requires curing factors, such as fatty acid soaps (1-2 percent), zinc oxide (2-3 percent), sulfur (1-2 percent) and sodium (1-2percent). The last stages of this latex fabrication process washes out these added chemicals and the water is then recycled for a nearly no toxic chemicals mattress and clean waste water.

Even the fabrics used are safer. Our Land and Sky latex mattresses use certified organic wool to comply with new mandated fire safety laws. Some companies use undisclosed chemicals to comply with the Consumer Product Safety Commissions mandate FR1633 for fire retardantcy.


Over their useable life latex mattresses are cheaper than regular coil spring mattresses. At the time of this blog a queen latex mattress if it only lasted for 15 years priced out at $1500.00 which would cost about $100.00 a year to own. A regular $600.00 mattress and box spring normally last for about 5 years costing about $120.00 a year. Now add to that the waste of resources such as steel, oil, fabric, foams and landfill space wasted in that same 15 year time period.

Latex is cheap, durable, and comfortable. The only way to find out for sure is to test drive one for yourself. Find an Organic and All Natural Mattress near you. Are Green Organic Latex Mattresses Any Good Or Just a Sham?

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