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10 Ways Large Mattress & Furniture Stores Fail To Give Better Customer Service Before, During, And After The Sale

October 27, 2008
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We Have Better Customer Service Than The Big Guys

If you’ve ever wondered about the type of customer service you will receive from STL Beds. The answer is easy, you will receive better customer service from us than any of the big guys. We are just the right size to be able to personally handle any issues you may have.

  1. It seems no one can clearly and intelligently explain what it is they are selling and what the difference is between a competing product?

    As a 22-year veteran of sales, I expect people to be able to answer at least the simple questions and be knowledgeable about the furniture and mattresses they sell. I have noticed that salespeople do not want to spend any time answering questions. They more often than not offer yes or no answers with no real detailed explanation to the questions we ask while they look at you with a deer in the headlights look.

  2. Unpredictable delivery times from large mattress and furniture stores are exceedingly common

    Big stores don’t seem to understand that you have things to do also. They set up delivery times that are narrowed down to an AM or PM delivery. If you’re lucky some companies may narrow the time down to a 3 – 4-hour window, which still results in the taking off of a half of a day of work.

  3. Where do furniture and mattress stores get these delivery and installation people?

    Installation people clumsily carry in furniture with little regard to walls and flooring, much less the furniture pieces they delivering. They do not take time to assemble your furniture instead they throw it together and to top off the cake they are over-scheduled with deliveries and installations.

  4. Small mattress and furniture stores are more effective at giving personal service.

    Small stores know when you need help and don’t avoid their customers. You won’t feel alone like in a big box store where everyone seems to disappear when you need him or her.

  5. Family-owned furniture stores like STLBeds care about the mattresses and furniture they sell.

    This is because we not only sell our products but we buy our products and handle customer service issues. We believe if a job is worth doing right it’s worth doing right the first time.

  6. Many St. Louis mattress and bedroom furniture companies use a separate service department to handle customer service.

    Mattress or furniture claims for things like damage from delivery, warranty issues, or even something as simple as the wrong product being delivered are turned over to customer service departments. Sales associates are not tied down with customer service problems so they can generate more revenue for the company. Is this separate service department designed to keep disgruntled customers from mingling with customers who are looking to buy?

  7. Service issues are not handled through the sales associate.

    We believe the key to getting good service is dealing with the same person throughout your sales experience. Often times stores will use service departments so they can release sales staff from handling service issues that can bog them down. Stores believe this leaves them to what they do best, sell mattresses and furniture. We think they are best equipped to handle the service problems and keeps an additional person from becoming involved. This can add possible confusion, misunderstanding, by a person who knows nothing about the purchase of what was promised and discussed at the time of the sale.

  8. A commissioned sales staff is only interested in the numbers game.

    A salesperson’s thought process is, will this sale help me make my monthly goal or quota or sales goal? Your best interest is often overlooked in order to meet mandatory goals set by the chain or large conglomerate.

  9. Hourly sales staff often lacks the knowledge of commissioned staff due to less training.

    We all say we do not want to be bothered by a pushy salesman, with an hourly staff we usually get the opposite result, a staff that is not eager to help us with little to no knowledge about what they sell. They often are nothing more than a body to write up the purchase.

  10. Phone in questions and calls are kept short and vague.

    Information is rarely offered and getting it is like pulling teeth. The communication skills it takes to present, explain, and answer you’re tough questions are almost always lacking and helpful information is rarely volunteered.

So if you are looking for good customer service from a mattress store then you should contact STL Beds today.