ECO Memory Foam Crown Classic Pillow


fs_prod1 (1)“Oh my aching Neck”! Support and Comfort it and your tired achy shoulders properly with a new pillow. You deserve the best and the King Size ECO Memory Foam Crown Classic Pillow from Anatomic Global can do just that. Provides ideal support that’s perfect for side and back sleepers. You’ll love how it allows you to sink into cradling comfort that only breathable visco elastic memory foam can provide! Eco Series pillows are factory-made with the highest standards using only the finest breathable Eco-Memory Foam. It provides the very best air circulation available in a pillow while still providing optimal support and comfort. This pillow is available in other sizes including Queen, Standard Full sizes, and is designed with an Eco–Friendly sustainable bamboo zippered pillow cover.

Proudly Built in the United States Of America.

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Top 10 Reasons Todays Memory Foam Mattress are Better than Yesterdays

All Memory Foam Mattresses are Not the Same

Twelve years of selling memory foam mattresses and I can honestly say I hadn’t seen many differences in manufacturing until just recently. Newer products from companies like Anatomic Global’s Eco Series of Eco Friendly Memory Foam beds are setting the standard by which memory foam will be judged both today and in the future.

Mattress that Adjusts

What Kind Of King Mattresses Can You Bend?

What Kind Of King Mattresses Can You Bend?

We recently talked about why you should not fold a king size mattress and the specific types you should not fold or bend in our blog: Today we are going to talk about the king mattresses that can be folded and bent. We will also cover some special king mattresses that are not assembled when you buy them brand new.Mattresses that will make transportation and mobility in tight turns and cramped stairways a problem of the past. This raises the of what to do with a regular king mattress: What Kind Of King Mattresses Can You Bend?

Types of King Mattresses that can be BentOf course we always recommend verifying with the retailer or manufacturer the mattress came from but for the most part any all foam or all rubber mattresses.  Examples that are extremely flexible and mobile are: