Captains Pedestal 18 Inch Dark Finish (California King)

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California King Captains Pedestal 18" Drawer Unit and Storage Doors from Merrill Mfg. This massive underbed storage system and a great idea for any bedroom in particular bedrooms that are smaller with little to no storage space. This is our tallest drawer system and is often confused with a drawer unit called a 12-drawer stack. This may also be used under regular mattress. Please call for specifics and to confirm if it will work with your mattress. The Captains Pedestal Riser also fits super single and California queen size waterbeds.

Color Choices

The eighteen inch tall captains pedestal is available in two beautiful colors you can select from below at no additional charge: A medium to dark walnut finish and a light to medium colored honey pine finish.  View Other  Drawer Pedestal Choices We Offer More information below.

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Captains Pedestal 18 Inch California King By Merrill Mfg.

Captains pedestals can be purchased later on or added to an existing waterbed for additional storage and height.

The California King Captains Pedestal system is tall with 2 drawer cabinets each measuring approximately 18 inches tall. Unlike a 12 drawer stack which is one 9 inch set of drawers on top of another 9 inch set drawers, it is more appealing with a more finished look . Captains pedestals for a waterbed are stronger and less likely to shift out of position during installation. When buying a new hardside waterbed the captains pedestal is usually an option and is an additional to the cost of buying a brand new waterbed.

Benefits and Features

    * The Captains pedestal is a fantastic way to utilize unused space that would otherwise go to waste and not be useable.
    * The 18” height is great for taller people who tend to like the captains pedestal height. Most feel it makes it easier for them to get in and out of the bed.
    * Considerably more stable than a standard 9-inch box pedestal.
    * If you are trying to keep the little ones or pets off the waterbed, this under bed drawer storage system does make it harder for them to get in and out of the bed.
    * Better weight distribution on the bedroom floor and can be easier on carpet padding. This is due to the extra wood that is used to build a captains pedestal.
    * Stronger and will last longer because the pedestal is built using more wood.
    * The Captains pedestal offers 8 drawers total between the two cabinets. 8 drawer units offers more separation of clothing or an abundance of storage separation. The center door is for additional storage space and is great for longer items or long-term storage. Side Cubby Doors lead to abundant storage that is very nice for shoes, bed linens, blankets, pillows or whatever else you might want to store.
    * Replaces the need for a dresser and chest of drawers in a small bedroom.

Problems of the captains pedestal 

    * Captains pedestals are usually cost more than other waterbed pedestals. This is because of the extra wood needed to build the larger, stronger and taller cabinets.
    * Kids and pets may be able to get into the storage areas under the waterbed because they are quite large, so keep them closed.
    * You will most likely need a pickup truck or van if you are picking up from a waterbed store if you are not having it delivered.
    * Average height people often complain that because a captains pedestal is very tall, that they have more problems getting in and out of the waterbed.


This is the top of line drawer pedestal for this price point and offers the most overall storage of any drawer pedestal that can be put underneath of a waterbed. This is cheep storage space considering how much a drawer system like this can hold vs. the amount of space it takes up in a bedroom.

How to install a captains pedestal under a hard side water bed.

The captains pedestal cabinets for a waterbed are in two boxes, a left and a right side. If both ends are stained (finished) then the cabinet can be a left or a right side, it does not matter. Each half of the pedestal should be put into place so that the sandbox part of the waterbed that holds the waterbed mattress is centered on the top. In other words there will be equal overhang on the sides and end of the wood bed frame. In order to accomplish proper spacing between the 2 drawer halves the cubby door kit which closes off the foot end of the bed and spacers that bridge the 2 drawer pedestal halves must be installed. Once everything is secured the sandbox may be placed on to the top of the drawer pedestal. Check for correct positioning and even weight distribution and finish the waterbed installation. Contact STL Beds or a waterbed dealer for specific instructions.

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Manufacturer Merrill
SKU captains-pedestal-california-king
Size California King

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