Add Water to Make a Water Bed Firmer?

How can you make a waterbed mattress firmer? Many people believe that best way to firm up a water mattress is to add more water to it. Others say filling it to its recommended fill level will achieve the firmest feel, which way is right? We will cover both methods in todays blog.

Adding more water to a waterbed to make it firmer:
This method will make a firmer surface feel in your waterbed, however it can cause other problems that may not make worth your while. Vinyl stretching, fatigue cracks, and out right failure of the seams or corners are just some of the problems that result from an overfilled waterbed. Many people often complain that they feel as though they are rolling off of the water mattress when they are overfilled, along with complaints of increased motion. This extra motion in the waterbed mattress is due to the increase of water to baffling ratio.

Firmer mattress from proper fill level:
The firmest and best support comes from a correctly filled baffled mattress. This is how the mattress was designed to work. It’s really just this simple, X amount of baffling is designed to work with Y amount of water. This this combination equals the best all around support, best wave control, and firmest support. Correct fill level also extends mattress life expectancy and protects the waterbed heater. Contrary to many thoughts out there the baffling or fiber system inside a water mattress controls the bed’s overall firmness much more than simply adding more water to the bed. The more fiber or baffling the mattress has the greater the firmness and more supportive the waterbed will be.

So what do I do to get a firmer waterbed?

We think it is more important to purchase a firm quality waterbed bladder in the beginning. as apposed to trying to make a mattress into something it cannot be, by adding more water. Adding additional water to a waterbed we believe is a risk that should not be taken.Knowing  How to properly install a waterbed mattress is the the key to acheiving the perfect waterbed firmness.

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On an earlier page you use the word baffled. Since I did not know the meaning & you highlighted the word – I clicked on the link for a definition of the word. The link takes you to a page that does NOT explain the word. ONLY after the reader SEARCHES for the word can you find it buried in two paragraphs. Where again the word is used and no description of what this word means is given.

Obviously I have to Google the Word — and leave your website !!

It is your own link for gosh sakes – that is worthless.

Comment by Geoff Anderson — September 16, 2010 @ 10:24 pm

Hi Geoff,
Great input. We currently do not have a definitions page for terms on the web sight. It is a goal for the website to have that kind of information available to help educate our readers. I’m sorry to say that I can’t address the issue of specific link you were speaking about because you did not identify the page / copy paste the URL of the page your were referring to. Highlighted words usually identified as links are not always set up that way to be defined as you suggested. They can can have other purposes like being identifiers for Google and also our readers to related topics or subject matter. We appreciate your input. Please feel free to comment anytime. It helps us to become more user friendly.

Comment by Doug Belleville — September 21, 2010 @ 10:28 am

I need some helpful advice. My 7 year old king size motionless waterbed has become too soft for good support. . It was wonderful until recently. I have considered adding a memory foam to the top of my mattress under the sheets. I don’t see any leaks, etc. when I added the tablets. It was installed by the company here in Houston where we bought the bed. The side of the bed where I lay most is softest and there seems to be more support on the other side. Any ideas. I don’t want to over add water or make adjustments that will mess up my bed. I love the bed and would like to know if there’s anything I should check or how do I know how much water in each tube is the right amount for good service from my bed.


Comment by Peggy — March 29, 2014 @ 9:43 am

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