3 Ways to Utilize Your Waterbed Headboard and Matching Furniture

1. Add Legs To Your Bookcase Waterbed Headboard.
Whether your waterbed bookcase headboard is oak or pine or some other wood, it can be converted to free stand on its own. When a waterbed headboard is properly converted it will look just like the headboard for regular bed.

3 Ways to Utilize Your Waterbed Headboard and Matching Furniture

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A waterbed head board as a rule rests on the stock extended waterbed frame which does not touch the floor. When legs are added they become an extension of the headboard. People are often surprised how properly it matches with existing bedroom furniture while saving you money and recycling your headboard through reuse.

Cut to length the corresponding pieces of wood side frames. Attach them to the headboard that will now stand at the proper height. Just as important the headboard will seamlessly blend once again with your dresser, chest and nightstands. These can also be purchased prefabricated and are called headboard stands. This now self-supporting bookcase headboard can accommodate a conventional steel bed frame that will be bolted up for further stability.

With the headboard now in place any number of different mattress options is available to rest on your new headboard and frame combination. What kind of a mattress can be used with a waterbed headboard you ask?

Any and all mattresses including:

Mattress and Boxspring
Memory Foam
• Airbed
Softside Waterbed

2. Use A Waterbed Insert (Drop in Replacement Mattress)
The waterbed drop in mattress is the cheapest and easiest conversion method to put you back on an innerspring mattress or any other mattress of your choice while keeping your waterbed headboard and coordinating furniture. These specially sized innerspring mattresses are intended fit the unique sizes of wood framed waterbeds.

Waterbed drop in mattresses usually measure:
• California King 70 x 82
• California Queen 58 x 82
• Super Single 46 x 82

The mattresses are intentionally undersized allowing you to make your bed with ease while continuing to use waterbed sheets and comforters.

3. Replace Your Old Worn Out Unsupportive Waterbed With A New One.
Water mattresses can and do lose their support just like coil spring mattresses but are significantly cheaper to replace. Buying a quality-baffled mattress with support can cost only a few hundred dollars or less compared to a thousand dollars or more. It can be like an old pair of shoes or innerspring mattress; the support just slowly goes away. A water mattress option allows a person to retain the benefits of temperature control, keeping your waterbed warmer or cooler if you so choose, a rare find in today’s mattress market. If you choose this route it is important to remember to have your waterbed heater and standup safety liners looked at for possible replacement.


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I did not fine exactly what I was looking for. I have a very old well built waterbed. It has the overhead wooden canopy with inlay of mirror in the ceiling, and cabinets down each side of the bed. I would like to convert the waterbed to use a regular conventional mattresses, but I am having difficulty finding a solution. Of course the king size matt4ress is not long enough and it is also to wide. Is there anything that I can purchase that would work for me?

Comment by Paty King — May 13, 2014 @ 7:35 pm

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