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Making the Switch from Queen to King Bed


Exchanging a queen for king bed, the details you haven’t considered

So it’s time for an upgrade and you’ve made the decision to switch from a queen sized mattress to a king. There’s a lot of thought that goes into deciding to make that switch, and a lot of accommodation that ensues. A king sized bed typically adds an extra sixteen inches of width and therefore can be an excellent addition for people who sleep with their pets, their kids, or those who just prefer the extra room to move around freely and comfortably. But making the switch from a queen to king bed entails more than just buying a new mattress and seeing if it will fit, it’s extremely important to consider all the other adaptions you’ll have to make as well.

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Feng Shui in Your Bedroom Part II – Positioning Your Bed


Last week in Feng Shui in Your Bedroom Part I, we explained how important a quality mattress is to the feng shui in your bedroom. To support your personal energy, your bed must maintain the feng shui energy of love and healing. While a bed with a quality mattress, solid headboard and appropriate height is important to the feng shui of your bedroom, bed placement also plays a role. Depending on your bedroom’s layout, this is where you may encounter some challenges when it comes to accomplishing good feng shui.

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Feng Shui in Your Bedroom Part I – Guidelines for Your Bed


Proper nutrition, exercise and a good night’s sleep are the hallmarks of good health. And while today’s busy schedules don’t always permit us to exercise and eat as healthy as we’d like, we can’t go for very long without sleep. Applying some simple feng shui principals in your bedroom can help. But first you must understand feng shui and what makes a good feng shui bed. Feng Shui is the Chinese art or practice of positioning objects like buildings and furniture, based on a belief in patterns of yin and yang and the flow of positive chi or life force. The most important piece of furniture you’ll own throughout your life is your bed. Most of us underestimate the importance of our beds and how intimately and intricately beds are connected to our personal energies and the quality of our relationships. There are three things that make great feng shui in your bedroom.

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Why Your Baby Should Sleep on an Organic Mattress


Preparing for you child’s future

As a parent we want what is best for our children. We want them to attend the best schools, to eat the best food, and to make the best choices. From the moment they are born we are driven to provide the safest, healthiest upbringing we can give them. The choices we make for them are often huge choices like what school they should be enrolled in but they can be as simple as what mattress they sleep on. Normally we are spending about a third of our lives sleeping. Children and babies spend even more time in bed than we do. Picking out the right mattress for your baby is an important decision.

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How Natural Latex is Saving Our Landfills


Thinking about our impact on the environment

There is a large and important focus on nature and the climate lately and for good reason. People are focused on pollution and doing things like riding their bikes or commuting to work in more economical vehicles. More people than ever before are recycling both at work and at home items like aluminum cans, plastic bottles even paper and cardboard rather than simply throwing the waste away, which are important and helpful practices. Unfortunately people fail to think about all the other types of trash that is thrown away because as a culture, we accumulate a lot of trash. A large amount of this trash is not recyclable, reusable, or combustible and therefore ends up spending the rest of its life in a landfill. Visit a landfill and the reality hits of the waste of items we use daily that end up in landfills but the one you may not think much about mattresses takes up more landfill space than nearly all other household items combined. This is due to the fact that modern mattresses don’t last as long and need replacing every five to eight years. There short life span combined with the fact that there are very few places that recycle mattresses, leaves a vast majority of them sitting in landfills for years and years, where they can be hazardous to the environment.

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Are Middle Slats Needed On Twin Bed Frames?


Do I really need center support on a twin bed?

My question is, are middle slats needed on twin bed frames? Twin beds really are the perfect size and are often used for a multitude of applications. Some of us use them for our little ones and teens, while others use one for themselves, a spare bedroom or even a vacation home. However there is one thing all of these usage applications have in common. Unknowingly consumers don’t realize the need for a strong supporting  frame that won’t let a boxspring sag like wooden slats can. Some of the best frames are not only reasonably priced but will offer steel center support with feet instead of wood slats. Below we have explained in detail a few (Example :) applications for single sized frames using center support.  Research them or contact us with questions at 1 888 785 2337.

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What Happened to 2-Sided Mattresses?

Wondering why you can’t flip your mattress over anymore?
Body impressions where you sleep?
Mattress worn out in less than 5 years?

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Tips for Reviving an Old Dresser


Ways to make your old dresser work today

So maybe it’s time to redecorate the bedroom or perhaps your old furniture has seen better days. The thought of coordinating all new bedroom furniture might seem like an expensive endeavor considering bedroom sets can cost into the thousands. Breathing new life into your bedroom can be as simple as looking at the items you already have, and finding a way to make them look like new again! This eliminates the expense of buying new furniture, and keeps your old furniture from ending up spending the rest of its existence in a landfill.

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