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How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Bedroom


Before the bed and before the bedroom furniture you need paint

Looking for a paint color for your bedroom can be a frustrating and confusing endeavor, because you never know what will look best.  A person needs a vivid imagination to be able to think of what a small one inch paint swatch will look like on a larger scale covering the walls of a master bedroom.  You do not want a color that is too dark or too light or you might regret spending the time and money to paint the bedroom a new color.  However, there are suggestions a person can follow when seeking to brighten up a bedroom using a tasteful, warm and inviting color palette which will be pleasing to the eyes and senses and make the room inviting and welcoming.

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Wool: The Safe, Natural, Fire Retardant in Mattresses


Organic Mattress Benefits

No matter what you believe or stand for politically or environmentally, organically produced mattresses may be one of the smartest well thought out products since the invention of the wheel. They are not chemical free since everything is made up from chemicals, but they are virtually free of toxic chemicals we can inhale throughout the night which make them a smart alternative choice. Add to that the inclusion of durable natural rubber, many are modular and customization, you not only have yourself a durable mattress but possibly  one of the most well rounded mattress choices on the bedding market today.

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Holiday Guests? Think About Your Bedding Supplies!


This year, my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren are coming from Texas for a week – I am thrilled! But it has also made me take stock of the sleeping arrangements, particularly the bedding that I have not assessed for the past few years.

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Duvets vs. Comforters


Admit it! Like me, you probably have not had a lot of experience with the term “duvet” until recently. I know I have not! When the term began to be used relative to bedding, I had to do a bit of research to find out exactly what a duvet was and what its purpose was. I can now state, with certainty, that I understand the differences between a duvet and a comforter, and, while some find the differences minimal, I do not.

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How To Choose Rubber Layers For An Organic Mattress


How To Choose the Correct Layers For An Organic Mattress

Selecting the correct mattress is an important and sometimes confusing process if you are to enjoy the very best rest possible. With over 16 years of experience successfully matching people with the right sleep system, feel confident in choosing a mattress with the assistance of our experienced customer service specialists. The firmness grades of innerspring mattresses are a one size fits all approach that cannot be changed. The firmness grades of customized latex mattresses are nearly endless as we will see and can easily be done in your own home in just a few minutes.

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Bed Bug Protection – What You Need to Know


A Bed Bug Story:

Two years ago, I began to experience itching red spots on my legs and stomach. Because it was springtime, and because I was doing a lot of yard work, I just assumed that little critters were getting to me from shrubs and bushes. As it turns out, the culprits were bed bugs that had infested my bedding, mattress and pillows. I was in shock! How could this have happened? I am a clean and tidy person! I can only assume that I brought these bedbugs into my home from a business trip, during which I stayed at a well-known hotel chain!

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The Green Boxspring / Foundation


The green foundation / boxspring lasts a lifetime?

The ultimate green and clean sustainable “boxspring”, by Forever Foundations, the company believes that building the ultimate support platform for a mattress should be the goal. They set out to offer their customer’s mattresses the very best support possible for the lifetime of ownership. As many know in the industry a superior bed base is really the key to great comfort and overall body support, yet this key component is perhaps the most undervalued by consumers and under built by manufacturers. 

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Supersize Your Mattress


There are plenty of reasons on why you should supersize your mattress. This article is useful information about how the bigger the mattress, the better.

The Texas-Sized Mattress with More Area

The rest of the country seems to have embraced the Texas motto that everything needs to be bigger. We have big appetites, big box stores, and even the size of the average American home has increased over 100 percent in recent years. Urban sprawl is just another great example of wanting and needing more and when it comes to our space in bed we face yet another first world problem…  that’s right we don’t have enough sleeping space. Many of us still have not made the choice to Super Size our sleep surface.

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