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Mattress Pads and Protectors vs. Mattress Toppers

Organic Wool Topper Pads

The decision to purchase a mattress pad, protector, or topper is strictly a matter of purpose, so before you purchase one, let’s begin by explaining and defining each of the different kinds of mattress toppers.

What a Mattress Pad Topper Does

While considered a kind of topper by comparison mattress pads are thinner than traditional toppers. They are usually a simple quilted piece of fabric sometimes natural sometimes synthetic that fits over the surface of your mattress. Pads can include elastic straps or fitted corners which provides a secure attachment to the mattress. In general, a mattress pad is purchased for protection from very light moisture issues. Sweat, saliva, mucus, body oils,  etc. They cannot handle large amounts of moisture and offer a low level of mattress protection. The thicker the cover the more absorption, protection, and comfort mattress pads provide.

What a Mattress Protector Type Topper Does

Organic Wool Topper Pads

Mattress Protectors rarely are very thick and act more as a high level protecting barrier against staining the mattress. Small spills, accidents such as getting sick, urine, and blood stains are just some of what these mattress defenders can repel . Obviously, these are important for children’s beds, but adults should seriously consider their value as well after all sometimes the body does things we do not expect. These mattress protectors come with membrane backings that sometimes are breathable and sometimes not, be sure to read reviews and check for construction make up.  Rubber and/or plastic inside is sometimes used to prevent mentioned liquids from seeping through onto the mattress which can not only ruin one but also void any manufacturers warranty.

What a Mattress Topper Does

Mattress Toppers offer a different level of protection, while they are not a fabric pad or protective cover they can protect your mattress against other things like mattress wear  and possibly even stains, but it could be quite expensive to simply use one as a protector against mattress stains. Mattress toppers  have an entirely different purpose, they are thicker and sit on top of your mattress and come in a variety of materials, dependent upon the sleeper’s needs. For example if your mattress is way too hard and you suffer from soreness created by a mattress that is too firm these could be the solution. Some beds are overly firm and can be the cause back or neck pain.  For many in this boat the softer added surface helps  to relieve some of the pain associated with these hard surfaces and  pressure points created from them. Such toppers “mold” to your specific contour in order to achieve this purpose. If you are looking for additional softness you will want to consider a topper filled with natural feather down or other soft synthetic fillers. Temperature may also be important to you.

Offered in various thicknesses like  2, 3 and even 4 inch thicknesses rubber and foam pillow toppers make up the majority of what is sold. For those looking for a more “natural” alternative natural latex rubber is a smart option. To save money blended latex reduces the amount of natural rubber used and is replaced with durable synthetic rubber. Memory foam or gel-infused memory foam is another option and again is a low cost durable alternative that not only makes your mattress feel better but absorbs the brunt of surface wear helping to extend mattress life.

When considering foam and rubber toppers, do not simply look for the filler. The covering is important as well. You will want to purchase a covering that is not only durable but includes the things that are important to you. Sleeping cooler, no off gassing, durability,  and sustainability are just a few things to consider.  If you have any sensitivity to the fabric you sleep on consider natural and organic options with less or no potentially harmful chemicals. Cotton, wool, and bamboo rayon are a few of the popular cover fabrics. As with anything that will be close to your skin, read the labels carefully. Some toppers may contain harmful chemicals within the filling, and you are encouraged to avoid these. If you see the term “Oeko-tex certified,” for example, you can be certain that there are no harmful chemicals added to the fabric.

If cold  or warm weather is your biggest concern, moreover, you can purchase a cover that is heated or cooled new technologies are available to customize sleeping temperature.The beauty of the pad is that it  can easily be removed and laundered and no matter which you choose will prolong the life of a mattress. As mentioned some can even provide some additional support or softness, if that is what you are looking for. In selecting a mattress pad, be certain that you read the label carefully, test rest it on a bed if possible, and choose one that fits your budget.

If you like your current mattress, and it provides the correct amount of support or softness for you, then a mattress pad is all you will need. As that mattress gets older, you may want to purchase a topper to prolong its life, and can act as a temporary plan until you can afford a new one.



Back to School Mattress Sales


Back to College or Back to School Mattress Sales have begun…

Back To School Sales

Packing too Much for College By SwingBabyDoll

Bedroom furniture and mattress retailers know the time of year is upon us when everyone is preparing to  return to school and hit the books. Whether you are getting ready to head off to your first year of college or it’s your little ones very first year of school your child’s sleep is vital. Sleep is one of the most important factors in a student’s health, focus, and overall growth. If you’re shopping for back to school mattress sales see what makes STL Beds different.

While other stores yell “sale sale sale” in loud expensive TV commercials giving away monopoly money for savings, STL Beds offers you the very best quality mattresses, for the lowest prices, and their beds sleep great. But, Would you know a great back to school mattress sale if you saw one? If you are like most shoppers you know very little about beds because you don’t do this every day. NOTE: The mattress industry is notorious for it’s trickery like “ The Mattress Industry Name Game ” and deceptive advertising touting huge savings and a long mattress warranty.

A Big Mistake Mattress Shoppers Make,  Are You Making It?

If I could put my finger on one of the biggest mistake bed shoppers make during the mattress buying process, one mistake stands out among the rest. The mistake is purchasing based on maximum savings. What? That’s right consumers buy mattresses based on the amount of  money that they are able to save vs. how much mattress they are getting for that money. That’s right we focus on the dollar signs. The belief is that the more we’re told we’re saving the better deal we seem to think were getting. In  reality we should be focusing on what we are getting for that dollar and then comparing like mattress models. (Apples to apple)s. Mattresses that have similar, like, or exact construction should be compared by their specifications and build, then and only then can a shopper accurately compare mattress prices.

Example: Comparing 2 Mattresses for Back To School Sales

Hypothetical comparison of 2 similar beds:

Store A                                         Store B

King Koil                                         Serta
Full Size                                           Full Size
416 coils                                         416 coils
13 gauge  thickness                    13 gauge thickness
3 layers 1″ foam                           3 layers 1″ foam
Foam Densities Same                Foam Densities Same
(EDLP) $399.00                          Regular Price $799.00
(EDLP) $399.00                          Back To School Sale    $429.00


While these are obviously not from the same company they are definitely comparable mattresses. Store A is selling their King Koil (EDLP) Every Day Low Price for $399.00 While the other is claiming theirs is regularly $799.00 and during the   big sale. The reality is you are over paying by $30.00 at store B who is claiming to save you $370.00.

These marketing practices are common. Such practices put all of the emphasis on the monies saved vs. quality or product received for those monies.  Why put the money in the pockets of retailers and manufactures when with a little savvy shopping you can come out on top, save money, get a great product and a great deal.

Examples of Everyday Low Mattress Pricing Below:

Belmont Euro Top Mattress

  • Twin Mattress $151.00
  • Full Mattress $181.00
  • Queen Mattress $212.00

Bellview Plush Mattress

  • Twin Mattress $281.00
  • Full Mattress $371.00
  • Queen Mattress $412.00
  • King Mattress $531.00

Bellview Firm Mattress

  •  Twin Mattress $281.00
  • Full Mattress $371.00
  • Queen Mattress $412.00
  • King Mattress $531.00

Florence Plush Mattress

  • Twin Mattress $211.00
  • Full Mattress $271.00
  • Queen Mattress $312.00
  • King Mattress $411.00

You can see these every day low priced beds by simply clicking on their names for more details. Tell us some of your shopping experiences that you were less than thrilled about.



How to Sleep Together Despite Your Differences


Bed issues in the bedroom?

Perhaps one of the biggest problems couples face in the bedroom these days is performance. Not sexual performance but mattress performance. Couples who don’t agree with each other concerning matters of firmness, support, and comfort are often victims of sleeplessness, back pain, and even irritability from lack of sleep all because mattress performance IE comfort and support are not up to snuff. So what can be done for couples that  disagree on the bed that they sleep in?

Mattresses can now accommodate the “odd sized couple”

672990_f520Imagine he’s  240 pounds and six foot four and she’s 140 lbs. and five foot four. She likes it soft and he likes it rock hard. Two different body types and weights is there anything that can provide comfort and proper support for these 2 unique people?

Indeed there is since 2003 Savvy Rest began providing twosomes with exceptional individual support and comfort that comes with tailored adjustable layers specific for each sleeper. Below we are sharing the experience of just one of our different sized couples we described above after having rested several various firmness and support combination, we have withheld their names for privacy.

Mattress choices are personal

To have a successful mattress buying experience individual personalization for both sleepers is necessary as we are about to learn. After trying and testing out different bed combinations we find that our odd couple loved 2 different types of beds. She preferred a bed that felt totally and completely different than his. After test resting many firmness combinations her unique customization included a mattress described as having a combination of 3 support layers that included: a comfort soft surface layer over a mid-support soft layer over a base medium layer from top to bottom for her petite build.

Her husband a former high school and college football player lives with some nagging back injuries and preferred  a much harder bed with more solid support for his bigger frame. He selected 3 layers for his plus size frame as well however the surface comfort layer was medium firmness over a mid-support firm layer over a base firm layer and didn’t sag under his bigger frame.

A divided mattress saves marriages (Learn how)

Two different body sizes and weights needs unique and individual support. While the layers inside the mattress may be divided the mattress cover itself is still one solid piece, even in queen, king, and California King sizes. The cover is actually a large zippered encasement for easy entrance to assemble or change out the mattress inner layers. The splitting up of layers cannot only pacify people with unique firmness and support needs these split layers can minimize disturbance from a restless partner. Restlessness can be a result of issues like heart burn, snoring, back pain, restless leg syndrome, even sleep apnea. Unfortunately this can be exhausting for both the individual with the mentioned issues and the partner. Savvy Rest who makes several mattresses with this design shared that for many couples this split design is a unique benefit that does not exist with ordinary mattresses.

While Savvy rest does not offer marriage counseling they kidded in a recent blog article that their unique split mattress design gives each sleeper everything they want in a mattress which might just save a few marriages.

Savvy Rest Makes 3 customization Mattress Models for him and her:

Tranquility Available with two layers of really durable natural rubber that can purchased with split layers or solid layers. Layers can be made from either Talalay Natural Rubber or Dunlop Natural Rubber.

Serenity- Our best seller is offered with three layers of super durable natural rubber that can purchased with split layers, solid layers or even mixed. Layers can be made from either Talalay Natural Rubber or Dunlop Natural Rubber.

Serenity Pillow Top- Same as described in the Serenity above. Also includes a customization four inch pillow top with your choice of soft, medium, or firm natural rubber made from Talalay or Dunlop Natural Rubber.


If your bed is not performing the way you and your partner expect it to, know that there are now solutions for the couple that cannot and do not agree on firmness, feel, and support. Letting a mattress come between you and yours is not something couples have to toleration anymore. Better rest, individual support, and desired comfort through customization mattresses are the state of art solution to peace and love in the bedroom.



Sleeping More Important Than Diet And Exercise

Man sleeping

Promises we make to ourselves but don’t keep

Every New Year millions of Americans resolve to lose weight, get better organized and spend less money. You know, the typical run-of-the-mill New Year’s resolutions. But how many of us resolve to be healthier by getting a good night’s sleep? Too few according to sleep experts who say one of the most important things to improve your health is doing everything you can to ensure you sleep deeply every night. This is why resolving to sleep better is one of the best New Year’s resolutions you’ll ever make and can be started anytime.

Man sleepingTV could be sending the wrong message

It’s a shame sleep doesn’t get the same kind of publicity weight loss programs and health fitness centers do every December and January. The sad truth is, sleep doesn’t get such publicity and it should. Especially since poor sleep has been linked to a myriad of health problems like diabetes, heart disease and an increased risk for cancer.

In fact, when a person doesn’t get enough sleep, their immune system is altered too. People who don’t get enough sleep are more susceptible to illness. Sleep deprivation affects your metabolism and causes weight gain. Lack of sleep is a factor in many auto accidents. And, when you don’t get enough sleep you’re less productive at work.

Many of us lead fast-paced lifestyles because we feel pressure from the demands of our family and at work. As a result, millions of us burn the candle at both ends. Though we might be able to sustain this pace for a while, it can’t be sustained and is bound to result in undesirable consequences.

Time for a healthy promise you can keep.

It’s time more Americans think of sleep as a relaxing hot shower for the brain. When we sleep toxic waste products are scrubbed out from around the cells in our brains. When we sleep the brain gets cleaned. This is why we’re able to think more clearly and perform better in the morning after a good night’s sleep.

When it comes to sleeping soundly, many are under the misconception that the lucky people are the ones who can do it. The ones who don’t have kids to worry about, haven’t lost their job, or don’t have any stress. But the truth is all sorts of habits contribute to poor sleep. The good news is they’re easy to change.

If you use caffeine, nicotine or alcohol, avoid taking these substances within six hours of your bedtime. Make it a daily habit of sleeping the same eight hours every night. If you stay awake later on weekends or get up earlier in the morning on weekdays, you won’t have any consistent sleep schedule. So, establish a regular sleeping routine for better sleep.

One of the best ways to go to sleep each night is vigorous exercise during the day. Be sure to exercise during the day and not too close to your bedtime.

Getting a good night’s sleep means controlling your sleep environment. Your bedroom should be dark, quiet and cool every night. You can use eye masks, earplugs and blackout shades to make your sleep space more relaxing. With a completely dark bedroom and silence for eight hours each night you’ll see remarkable improvement in the quality of your sleep.

Something else that helps you to wind down before you turn in for the night is a warm shower or bath. This relaxes you and puts your body in the perfect state for crawling under the covers and going to sleep. Avoid watching TV, listening to the radio or your IPod. Make your bedroom your sleep oasis.
Finally, make sure you have a comfortable mattress and kick out the cat or dog. The last thing you want is Fido taking over your bedroom.



The Importance of Having Box Springs


“I don’t need a new boxspring – mine is still in good shape”

Consumers pay quite a price these days for a new mattress, many opting to skip the purchase of the box spring mattress to save money. Box spring mattresses don’t wear out as quickly as mattresses, right? Why would they when the box spring doesn’t come in direct contact with the sleeper? Despite this misconception, box springs still experience wear and tear with age from the same movements of nightly bed activities also experienced by the top mattress. This is why it’s important to replace the box spring when you replace your mattress.

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Cooling Down a Memory Foam Mattress

Sleeping Hot on Memory Foam

It’s Getting Hot in Here

When it comes to pressure relief, nothing beats a memory foam mattress. It’s easy to see why the comfort and cradling sensation of memory foam mattresses are such a popular sleeping choice for a restful night’s sleep. But because of the density of memory foam mattresses, many people experience body heat buildup. Add in that many of these mattresses are made with temperature reactive foams it’s easy to see why some people sleep warm in these beds. Fortunately, there are some measures you can take to keep you and your mattress cool even the situations of the summer’s heat and even night sweats associated with menopause.

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Beds and the Cycle of Life


How it All Starts

Everyone has heard the statistic that a person spends one third of his or her life in a bed, but has anyone ever spent a few moments thinking of all the beds that a single lifetime entails?

The Baby, Infant, and Toddler Years

Most of the US population is born in a hospital, and within minutes of birth, we encounter our first bed—a tiny clear plastic crib on wheels. If there’s a problem, the crib becomes an isolate or incubator. If the baby is healthy, the first one to five days of life is spent in a see-through crib, propped on an incline.

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The Pillow – A Critical Piece to Restful Sleep


Did you forget something?

You have a new bed, a new mattress, perhaps a topper; you are looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Hold on! If you haven’t investigated the importance of your pillow(s), you aren’t ready for that good night’s sleep yet.

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