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Beds and the Cycle of Life


How it All Starts

Everyone has heard the statistic that a person spends one third of his or her life in a bed, but has anyone ever spent a few moments thinking of all the beds that a single lifetime entails?

The Baby, Infant, and Toddler Years

Most of the US population is born in a hospital, and within minutes of birth, we encounter our first bed—a tiny clear plastic crib on wheels. If there’s a problem, the crib becomes an isolate or incubator. If the baby is healthy, the first one to five days of life is spent in a see-through crib, propped on an incline.

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The Pillow – A Critical Piece to Restful Sleep


Did you forget something?

You have a new bed, a new mattress, perhaps a topper; you are looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Hold on! If you haven’t investigated the importance of your pillow(s), you aren’t ready for that good night’s sleep yet.

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Getting out of the Rut of Bedroom Furniture Shopping


To match or not to match?

We have all experienced large furniture showrooms in which bedroom suites have been carefully staged, each piece perfectly matched in color and style from the same manufacturer. We have been taught and told that bedroom furniture must be bought as a package, so that everything matches. Of course, we have always had the option of providing individual “splash” with bedspreads and drapes, and perhaps a unique lamp or two, but, in general, the bedroom has traditionally been more boring than, say, a living room, where a variety of styles can be incorporated in stunning ways.

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Buying the Right Bunk Bed Mattress


Buying the right kind of bunk bed mattress is important…

especially for your child’s bunk bed. A mattress that is comfortable, not too hard and not too soft, can be the difference between a restful night’s sleep and back and neck pain that can lead to long-term health problems. Because of a bunk bed’s unique design, comfort and size will determine the mattress that’s best for your child.

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Psychedelic Fad or Cutting Edge Sleep Technology?


Waterbeds – Then and Now

Waterbeds first came on the scene in the late 1960’s through the 1970′s best known as the product owned by hippies during a time of psychedelic drugs, the sexual revolution/ liberation, and bad clothing. In their hay day it is said that they owned a whopping 20 percent market share and while they are no where near that popular today they revolutionized how and what we sleep on. Little did we know how beneficial they could be for those with back problems and health issues, such as allergies and asthma, considering most were purchased just for fun.

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Tips for Buying Bed Sheets


When it comes to buying bed sheets it isn’t just about thread count.

While high thread counts can be an important part of better sheets, it’s the thread itself that makes the difference between sheets that stand up better to the washing machine and those that don’t. In fact, better-quality fiber sheets with lower thread counts feel softer than lower quality fiber sheets with a higher thread count. This is why it’s important to know what you pay for when buying bed sheets.

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When a Mattress Topper May be Necessary


Mattress toppers serve a variety of functions.

You may wonder why you need a topper when you just purchased a new mattress, but, in addition to other purposes, toppers actually are a common addition to a new mattress buy. For those with existing mattresses, toppers are also regularly purchased, for several reasons.

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Mattress Selection – It’s Personal!


Years ago, all mattresses were virtually the same.

They were composed of coils, some were even wrapped in a variety of materials, and then an outer encasement called a cover. These mattresses sat on a box spring, again with coils and a relatively thin covering to keep dust and dirt out. Of course, there were differences but not like  today. Companies tout their number of coils, gauge of steel and variations of coil design all of which contributes to comfort, support, and longevity.  In those days basically while there were some differences longevity was prolonged by turning the mattress over and rotating on a regular basis.

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