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Technology in the Bedroom: Keeps Getting Better


Sleep The Way You’re Comfortable

It is pretty amazing when we think about how long those mattresses have been around that let couples dial their own firmness. And then, there are the flexible mattresses that let each partner elevate a section separately. We have coil spring pillow-top mattresses; we have memory foam and latex mattresses. And now we have dual temperature-control as well. What an era we live in!

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Helping Kids Develop Good Sleep Habits


Rested  Kids are Happy Kids

Dealing with a sleep deprived child is beyond frustrating. Kids who don’t get enough sleep are usually combative, cranky, defiant, and tend to have emotional outbursts. In addition to this, sleepy kids find it difficult to concentrate in school. Worst of all, sleep deprivation can become an ugly cycle. Children who don’t get enough sleep at night are often sluggish and tired during the day, but when night comes around they get an extra burst of energy. All too often, this means that parents are stuck dealing with yet another sleepless night. Fortunately for parents, there are a few steps they can take to help kids reset their sleep patterns and get the rest that they need to function.

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Who’s That Knocking At Your Brain?


Sleep Disturbances

Noises are all around us when we’re trying to fall asleep. The ticking of the clock to the slamming of a door keeps us tossing and turning all night long. There are many factors that can determine why some noise is bothersome while other noise is relaxing.

An important thing to remember is that our brains continue to process multiple things during sleep. The time of night, which stage of sleep you’re in, and your emotional connection to the noise are all important factors in determining if you’re going to be disturbed by noise or not. Stages 1 and 2 of sleep are the most susceptible for noise disturbances.  This is because in stages 1 and 2 an individual is in their lightest sleep.

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How to Choose an Organic Mattress


Choosing an Organic Mattress

Organic mattresses have a lot more to offer than other synthetic, chemically infused mattresses do. They are among the most comfortable bedding options today and they quite possibly may offer the safest and best rest of your life. Organic mattresses also offer clean, toxin free rest. One of the lesser known benefits of organic mattresses is that they do not release toxic chemicals into the air while you sleep like other alternatives are known to do.

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Creating a Relaxing Bedroom Environment


Drifting Off to Dreamland

When people invest time and money in decorating or redecorating their homes, they often reserve very little time or money for bedroom décor. Instead, the lion’s share of time, money, and effort goes into decorating the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. When they are asked why they have prioritized their decorating budget this way, most people will claim that it is because they want to spend the most time and money on the rooms that visitors will see. While this is understandable, people who don’t think the bedroom space is important are often forgetting one key fact. The bedroom is space in which most people spend up to a third of their time. Isn’t it worth the time and effort to create a relaxing bedroom environment that is inviting, and aesthetically pleasing?

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“I Tossed and Turned All Night,”

“I woke up in the middle of the night and just couldn’t go back to sleep,” “I couldn’t stop thinking about this project due today, so I didn’t get any sleep.” These are common statements heard at work every day – comments made by millions of people. So, what has happened to us since our toddler years, when restful, uninterrupted sleep was the norm? Adulthood has happened to us, and with it has come all of the stressors, worries, and brain activity that prevent a good night’s sleep. If this loss of sleep were to occur only rarely, it would not be a problem. Unfortunately, too many adults report that it is a frequent problem, and it does affect mood and cognitive abilities the next day.

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Are All One-Sided Mattresses junk?



I don’t want to go through the hassle of flipping my mattress so I purchased a brand name 1 sided mattress. The bed didn’t last very long and seems to be nothing more than over priced crap. I want the convenience of having a one side mattress but also the durability of the old 2 sided. Is there such a thing as a good quality one-sided mattress?

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Couples: One Bed or Two?


Do you and your partner share the same bed? Chances are you just answered yes to that question. Although most couples sleep in the same bed, some don’t. They could have separate rooms or two separate beds in the same room. Whatever their setup is, the big question is why do they do this? Numerous reasons exist for couples to sleep in separate beds. Let’s take a look at a few reasons and compare some pros and cons of sleeping in the same or different beds.

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